Recent Student Testimonies

rodney howard browne

I had the privilege to help out this past Sunday with the bus ministry at the River.  It was a huge blessing to see the smiling faces of those getting on the bus.  We had a pretty mixed crowd of regular bus attendants and first time visitors.  Every one was filled with the anticipation of the day.  It was great to see the first time visitors, as they excitedly got on the bus.  Most of them were very grateful to have a church that is willing to come to their neighborhood, put them on a nice bus, bring them to church to worship the Lord, and then to bring them back home with a box of food and a toy for their child.  One lady that stuck out especially in my mind was one of the first time visitors.  She had gotten on the bus and was so excited about the ministry and how that it would meet her needs in so many aspects, that before the bus had even made it to the church, she was volunteering to help out in the future.  When we made it to the church all the bus riders exited the bus and went into the church to worship, while the bus ministry prepared the buses for their trip back home.  I had the opportunity to pick between several toys to display for the children to pick to take home with them after service.  We set up the tables outside and the children were really excited to see that someone had cared enough to give a gift to them.  As we made it to each bus stop to drop off those riding the bus, I again was privileged to take part in blessing those that had come, by unloading their personal box of food from the bus and handing it to them.  I feel deeply honored to be in with a group of believers that truly acts out the responsibilities and aspects’ of the body of Christ.  I know that although I was a small part in the overall picture of the Sunday morning service, in which several hundred people made a decision to turn their lives to the Lord, it could not have been accomplished if it were not for everyone doing their part.  I just feel blessed to see so many working together for the cause of Christ and to be a part of it.


J Lauramore