This Present Glory | Howard Fox Testimony

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I can not be in a hurry and try to move out a head of God. I must actively use the time of preparation. Jesus was in preparation for 30 years for 3.5 years in the ministry. God was growing Jesus and fashioning Him for His earthly ministry. This encouraged me because I am still struggling with dying to my own self will and want and only doing what God wants me to do for my life. Knowing that preparation time is never wasted time has helped me to relax on my own ambitions and stop trying to accomplish things in the flesh and allow the Holy Spirit lead me to do what God has called me to do. In the Old Covenant, the four elements needed for the atonement of sins of the people were: the priest, the sacrifice, man and God. If any were missing or were not as they should be, God would not accept the sacrifice. If the priest had anything unholy in his life or if the sacrifice was imperfect, God would not approve of the atonement. What is amazing about the new covenant, is that Jesus was all four of the elements; He is our high priest, He is the sacrifice, He was a man, and He is God. There is nothing that can go wrong with the new covenant, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And in the new covenant, our sins are remitted, not just covered. This brought a fuller knowledge of why the New Covenant is so much better than the Old Covenant, and what Jesus did on the cross for me. I must have an encounter with the Holy Ghost or I will stray from God. I must be continually pressing into God and reading the Word or I will get off track. Sometimes we have to walk through the fire or go through certain situations to destroy our enemies and not only to get the impurities out of me. The three Hebrews children went the fire to kill their enemies. The Israelites went through the Red Sea to drown the Egyptians. Those who are against me, will fail in their attempts to stop me as long as I am in the will of God for my life and am following His plans.

Great Awakening Tour City #30 Minneapolis, Minnesota | Narciso B Testimony

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I went out on the streets on Monday…prayed with 6 recommitting to the Lord and I new salvation…turned the numbers in to the church, so they are counted. Today, however, a telemarketer called from Florida and I led her into recommittment…she said she had been back slid for about 10 years and was just recently wanting to get back to God..and didn’t know how, tada! Wanted you to know, so she gets acounted, her name is Diana. What a way to use an annoying telemarketing call for good and for God.!
I was in terrible pain due to my kidney/gall stone for few days now. I called the prayer line and somebody start praying for me and I feel warm in my right side of my body where the stone was and after a few seconds the pain was totally gone. Praise the LORD. I give Him all the glory and honors.

Narciso B
Katy Texas United States

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee | Marianne C Testimony

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Dear Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, We wanted to tell you how much your ministry has changed our lives and blessed us. We first found your ministry on God TV, which was in October of 2006. We were lead by the Holy Spirit to start recording the Chronicles of Revival. I was hit by the Holy laughter while sitting in front of the computer watching a revival service. It was shortly after that while watching on God TV and you made an altar call to receive the fire. I stood up and ran up to our TV and said “God I want your fire”. My husband came to stand behind me and catch me. The fire hit me and knocked me backwards and hit my husband and we both flew backwards under the power of God. In 2006 while in Florida visiting with family, we found ourselves only an hour from your church. We attended a Sunday evening service. It was an awesome experience that we will never forget. We continued to watch both by internet and God TV and the Lord begin to make great changes in our lives. In July 2007 we attended the summer camp meeting. It was a time of refreshing and recharging. My husband and I both spoke to Eric and Jennifer while there. We were hoping to meet both you and Adonica, but our paths never crossed. In Oct of 2007 my husband and I took five days off and came to Chattanooga, TN (Great Awakening Tour) and learned how to soul win. My husband and I lead 53 people to the Lord that week. It was so awesome to be with the bible students and others who were on fire for saving souls. We returned once again to our home town. I would not give up on the idea that this little town was going to have a revival. The Lord instructed me to go to our churches outreach center and volunteer to work in the prayer room. I took the script and lead several people to the Lord the first day. Since then I personally have lead over 200 people to the Lord. I give God all the glory. I’ve seen people changed, delivered and set free. Here it is 2008 and I am believing God that this little town (Cookeville,TN) will still see a mighty revival. I take the script and the little DVD with me wherever I go. I know what you mean about hating religion. My husband and I laugh and say “where is our holy ghost bat, there are some religious devils that need a whack up the side of the head”. We are out to populate heaven and plunder hell. I’m not stopping ! In fact I told the devil, I’m just getting started !!!

Marianne C
Cookeville Tennessee United States