Matters of the Heart | Jarred Guineaux Testimony

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Sunday December 13th 2009 was the first of our two Christmas outreaches. It was such an anointed day of lives being changed and people getting touched by the fire of God. I was ushering that day and it was awesome just to see the joy on the peoples face when you welcome them to the River and find a nice seat for them. Its awesome because I am on the front lines in the neighborhoods soul winning and telling people about the church. It just touches you to see the fruit of your labor. When you get to build a relationship with those people in the neighbor hoods that come to the church and you see them walk in the door it just touches your heart. Sunday there was just an awesome move of the spirit. This harvest is great, there were hundreds at the altar call there to give there lives to the Lord because we all know that the Bible says, that the gift of salvation is free, for whosoever who shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED!!! ( SOULS ) This is what it’s all about souls. That is the only thing we can bring to heaven on our account. But every Sunday when I see the massive harvest that we have, it’s just a great blessing to me. This ministry has totally changed my life, and brought me out the world and into God’s FIRE!!! and now I am totally sold out for Christ. The main event is an awesome time to just press into the presence of God, and the River ministry is an amazing group of people without all the members of the church and the school we could not do this, but we have the most amazing group of sold out people in the River At Tampa Bay that make this ministry possible.

Winter Campmeeting | Rom DaCosta Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Winter campmeeting was such an amazing experience, 8 days of nothing but the pure presence of God. There were so many people that got touched and the anointing was so strong that it was impossible for one not to feel His presence. God is working on the lives of so many people including on Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne.

I was working in the back with tv audio and it’s incredible how God just works on you while your trying to see the audio sounds good because the same time your just recieving what the preacher is preaching while serving in a department that’s not even in service. There was one night I was helping out with house audio and Pastor Rodney streched out his hand and said fire and that’s when God smakced me with the holy ghost and it was such an awesome experience. Worship was probably one of the best worship times that I’ve experience, it was just incredibly anointed.

One of the best nights for me was when Brother Ted Shuttlesworth did the healing service. So many people got healed, their were deaf ears being open, sickness being gone and I know there were more people getting healed in audience while watching the service. God was shaking the whole building throughtout that week. It’s been said that the last campmeeting had the most hungriest people. I really loved helping out with tv audio. I was able to learn alot from the guys in the back, they taught well. Winter Campmeeting was such a life changing experience it was my first and it wont be my last. Thank you Jesus