Rodney Howard Browne – Timothy T. Testimony

This whole week has been completely awesome! The presence of God has been so powerful and just almost overwhelming!! Over this past week I served in the call center and words can not even describe how much God is moving and touching people through this Great Awakening! Having call after call of people really and truly wanting the fire of God to fall on them and wanting everything that God has waiting for them to receive is just unfathomable. There are healings, addictions broken, families reunited and so much more happening when people are calling in for prayer. My life is being tremendously touched and transformed by the hunger that people still have! The Great Awakening is happening now! And I will not miss it for anything!-Anonymous

What has truly been amazing here at in this Great Awakening at The River at Tampa Bay Church is seeing young people really catch what the message of the Gospel is and how to share it with their family, friends, and strangers.  The job of every believer, OLD and YOUNG, is to reach the lost people of this world and tell them about the love of Christ and what He has done for them so that they can be saved. I recently took a team of 20 youth members, all ranging from the ages of 12-18, soul-winning to a housing development in downtown Tampa.

In the group was a 16 year old shy girl who had never gone soul winning and was so nervous about sharing her faith with strangers.  However, she knocked on the first door and read the script to the person who answered and the individual received Christ into her heart! Not only that, but she went on to pray with 5 other people for a total of 6 people saved on her first time soul winning! This so encouraged me to see a youth member catch the fire of God and passion to win souls at any cost, regardless of feelings and being scared! The team all together was able to pray with over 145 people in 50 minutes! It excited me much to see 20 teenagers pray with that many people! America is being changed every day…it will be saved!-Timothy T.

The Great Awakening prayer line – Rodney Howard Browne

The first night during the service I was asked to help on the Great Awakening prayer line. I had never been in the call center during any meetings before. I was totally blown away as people called in for prayer who were already under the power of God, saying that as they sat there watching the service they began shaking and weeping. One lady called crying under the power of God who had just answered the altar call Pastor Rodney gave, standing in front of her TV. She already had been saved but she felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit and wanted to come back to her first love. One lady who had never received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit prayed to receive it and began speaking in tongues. Another night while praying with a lady who needed healing in her back, I asked her to take a step of faith and do something she couldn’t do before. She felt a warmth in her back and said there was no more pain! For me, one of the most impacting calls this week was from someone who called in awe of what was happening. He kept saying things like “You guys really have the real thing!” As he watched he didn’t know what was happening to him but he found himself shaking all over and crying. He said that he and his friends didn’t want to be in the occult anymore! The connection on the phone was lost but he called back and another prayer partner got to pray the prayer of salvation with him and his friends. It is mind-blowing how the Lord is touching and saving people from all walks of life right in their homes!!-Victoria D.