Rodney Howard Browne – Deon B. Testimony

When I first got here I was ready to go back home but then when, I was touched by the power of God everything changed. God was doing a work on my heart. Ever since that day I just have been pressing in to what God has for me. I been getting downloads from heavens and releasing the power of God. When the power of God touched me I was like a vibrator. The fire of God was shooting through my bones. One Thing God Cleary told me was, “I touch you it the power so that you can release that same power, I touch you with.” So I went in the streets and release the power of God on these three young ladies and it hit he woman downstairs from us.

The power of God has changed so many lives including mines, the power of God just made me want to do and seek him more. Since I have been growing, I have just been plugging into everything of God. I see it clearly now. I thought I had it all to gather but God has been changing my heart. He has been burning things out of me and filling me with things of him. My mindset has changed since being hit with the power of God. It’s about seeing nations shaken people getting delivered people getting healed people getting set free souls getting snatch out of hell and raising up revivalist for the kingdom of God….Deon B.

Rodney Howard Browne – Frankie F. Testimony

I’m a second year student, now attending River School of Worship and like always being under the fire here at RMI has cause such a growth in my walk with Christ. I can once again say I will never be the same. There has been such a transformation on the inside of me that has caused a fire that is impossible to put out.  I walk as if I’ve been dipped in gasoline and set a blaze, and ever where I go I walk with this look on my face. A look every devil in hell knows, as if they have a plaque on one of hell’s walls of the most dangerous Christians on earth.

It’s this confident look, this Holy boldness kind of look, the kind of look you can only get being in the presence of God. I’ve had every devil and they mama trying to  come at me with obstacles and distractions, but what they must be forgetting is I’m walking with the King of Kings and they come like door mats and I walk all over them. So much has change and just in this short time from boldness, to patients and a breakthrough in giving. I’m developing this faith inside to live off my giving and nothing else.

Trusting in the Lord completely and honoring him with my mind, will and emotions. I’ve come to a point in my relationship with my heavenly father to know exactly what it means to live as Christ to die is gain. What it means as said in Colossians chapter 3 that if YE then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.  As well as how verse 3 of the same chapter saying for ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God. So far this year has over passed anything I could imagine and I’m happy to say I’m living for Christ with all of me. He has giving me many visions and ideas, but I must keep my vision on the one who gave me these visions and ideas and his name is Jesus Christ.

Rodney Howard Browne – Alicia G. Testimony

Since the beginning of this year God has been touching me and changing me, but I have been especially touched and changed the past three weeks of the RBI/RSW revival. I am so happy I decided to come to RSW this year. The impartation from all of the pastors preaching and teaching during the student revival has been epic and life changing. God has been dealing with my heart a lot, taking out what is not of him and filling me up with more of him. I have been crying out in desperation for his touch, guidance and most importantly his fire so that I may be better equipped to fulfill the call of God on my life. As I have been seeking him he has been revealing himself to me and showing me the plans for my future.

Right before school was starting I was not exactly sure if I was going to follow through with attending school or not. I was currently finishing up my Associates Degree at a public college and thought that I should focus on that first before I attend RSW. However, I know that God has greater plans for my life than just some college degree. I was striving to get all this education so that I could start my own business and set my self up to be financially successful for the future. As I have been pressing in and developing a closer relationship with Jesus those desires to be what the world calls “successful” have been taken out of my heart completely. My heart now burns with the fire of God and all I want is more of him.

I know I am called to the full time ministry and to minister through praise and worship and I believe that I am in a time of preparation for what God has planned for me. My hearts sole desire is to please him and do what he has called me to do, to share the gospel and his love with the world. I know God has so much in store for me this year and I am so excited to learn more about praise and worship and to develop a better understanding of who Jesus really is and a more intimate relationship with him so that I can share him with others. He has been overwhelming me with his unending love and his peace that passes all understanding and he has been breaking my heart for souls. I know for sure that I am right where God wants me to be, in the right place at the right time. – Alicia G.

Rodney Howard Browne – Naomi H. Testimony

So this is my testimony of how coming to the River Bible School has helped me so far. A member who goes to the River Church presented the idea for me to go and so I thought to myself wow I never thought about doing that. I had alot going on and for the time put in on the back burner in my life. Well it kept coming to my mind about my going and was something I couldn’t get off my mind. Mean while I was attending the River church and kept being told by my friend that I needed to go to the school. The thought of coming scared me but excited me. I was scared to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I hadn’t done before yet. I was trying to trust God since I had changed churches but was struggling with not having my friends there. I was struggling with my relationship with God and had been for a while.

I then decide that I wanted a full relationship with God and not a half hearted one. I was praying God if it’s meant for me to go to the River School then the door will be open for me to go and if not then the door will be closed. So I prayed and asked God how to go about everything. In the mist of my praying things started to change in my life and things started to move and doors started to be opened. One of the Pastors from the River was put on my heart to go and talk to and so I did. I was so encouraged after my meeting and had the best new out look on things and was forever grateful for this Pastor. This Pastor helped me in many ways. I said to this Pastor that I wanted to go to the school but hadn’t fully decided yet. Naomi H.