God’s Message to Us

God has things to say. To the obedient and the disobedient.  To the strong and the weak.

To the self-assured and the insecure. To the lost and the saved.

There’s no circumstance in our lives in which God will not talk to us, and God’s words are always purposeful. We will be sure that God needs us to understand the truth of what he is announcing. We will be assured this may occur due to the Holy Spirit’s presence inside us and the guarantee of His guidance into all truth. ( John 16:13 ) It might take effort and time on our part, but God’s goal is for us to understand what he is communicating.

Another part of His goal is to have His words lead us into conformity to the picture of Christ. As we examined the Scriptures, He may mention Jesus’ compassion toward the Samaritan girl as our example for living, or He may warn us through Jesus’ rebuke of Peter not to depend on human understanding. Our part is to reply to His words by aligning our lives with the truth and not resisting. God also uncovers the truths about life in Christ so we may communicate them to other people, another aspect of His goal. Jesus spoke only what His Father had taught Him. ( John 8:28b ) We want to be listening conscientiously each time God speaks so we think we know what to claim. God wants us to understand the truth, comply with it, and communicate it to other people. Is this what you need too? One thing more.