Rodney Howard Browne – Cory Testimony

Words cannot describe how much God has moved in my life since I became a student at the River Bible Institute. Within just a few weeks God has shown so much to me. Even though I was raised in church my whole life, I felt I had been missing the true work of God and the Holy Spirit in my heart. One of my first services at the River, Pastor Rodney spoke on the farmer and seed parable in Mark 4. The message of the seed representing the word of God and the ground representing the heart of man revealed how important it was for me to truly study and receive God’s word in my heart. There are a number of times in my life where I have brushed off the word and not received it like the seed falling on the footpath, or where I initially received with joy but failed to establish “deep roots.” I fell away as soon as I encountered problems, like the seed falling on rocky soil. The part of the parable I most relate to is the seed falling among the thorns. This describes the enormous presence of worry and depression that has tended to overtake my life and cloud my daily walk with God. It was when I heard this message that I prayed for a receptive heart free from worry or depression. Since then, God has given me a freedom that I have desired my whole life. I now read God’s word wanting to be sown into and I have cast all cares toward my heavenly father. With this new heart spiritual fruit has flourished in my life, particularly with JOY and PEACE. I pray that God continues to soften my heart and to mold me into his perfect servant. Hallelujah!


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