Rodney Howard Browne – Deon B. Testimony

When I first got here I was ready to go back home but then when, I was touched by the power of God everything changed. God was doing a work on my heart. Ever since that day I just have been pressing in to what God has for me. I been getting downloads from heavens and releasing the power of God. When the power of God touched me I was like a vibrator. The fire of God was shooting through my bones. One Thing God Cleary told me was, “I touch you it the power so that you can release that same power, I touch you with.” So I went in the streets and release the power of God on these three young ladies and it hit he woman downstairs from us.

The power of God has changed so many lives including mines, the power of God just made me want to do and seek him more. Since I have been growing, I have just been plugging into everything of God. I see it clearly now. I thought I had it all to gather but God has been changing my heart. He has been burning things out of me and filling me with things of him. My mindset has changed since being hit with the power of God. It’s about seeing nations shaken people getting delivered people getting healed people getting set free souls getting snatch out of hell and raising up revivalist for the kingdom of God….Deon B.

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