Rodney Howard Browne – Eben G. Testimony

This last 3 weeks being back at The River has been life changing to me, I got in the first week back but in the middle of the week so I asked God please to extend the meetings, and He did 2 weeks more of revival meetings. The Funny thing is the 1st Sunday of my 1st year I got a $100 from someone and the crazy thing is the 1st Sunday of this year I got $200 from someone, praise God! After the 1st year in bible school you get a good foundation and Jesus sets you free from stuff, but what I have experienced in the beginning of this 2nd year is that Jesus comes and He goes deeper and deeper, and especially where you don’t want Him to go, He wants my everything and for that I have to give Him everything I have to allow Him to come in and take everything. In this week’s Jesus came and dug deep into my heart setting me free from some stuff, showing me step by step to give Him everything.

In South Africa I don’t have a church that is so on Fire so it’s hard to keep that Fire Burning by yourself, it was a experience for me, but this week Jesus just came and stoked that fire back up, the igniting I was missing over the summer he came in one morning service and stoked it back up, like with fuel on fire. The Alabaster morning God just moved is such a deep way, everyone was bringing up this crazy big stuff and money and expensive stuff to the altar, and I didn’t have anything with me, so I prayed Jesus I don’t have anything with me, but what do you want me to give? And He said exactly nothing else matters to me but you alone, give yourself fully to me that’s what I want. I mean when He said that I was a crying baby and my heart melted for His love for me, nothing and I mean nothing in this world mean more to Him than me. There is so much more about this RBI revival weeks that God has done while I was serving and sitting in the services Breaking me free in areas and teaching my stuff. These 3 weeks was life changing.Thank you Jesus….Eben G.


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