Rodney Howard Browne – Gary C. Testimony

I arrived with no place to stay and the Lord blessed me with a nice house that is 5 min. from the church with two roommates. The rent on my room is only $365 a month. I paid $385 for just one week when I arrived at the extended stay motel. I also got the master bedroom with my own bath. My new landlord called me on my last day in the extended motel so I was able to move my things into my new room the next day.

My awareness of the anointing has increased and my boldness level has increased since I have arrived at the River. I have got to learn to tap into the anointing for strength in my body. I know that if I can drop 50 lbs. off my temple I will be able to run the race that the Lord has called me to run. I am also finding out that I must pray in tongues more for strength in my body and for wisdom so I will know my next step. I must have the Fire of God in my life every day or I will not be the vessel that the Lord can use to set the people free. I got to have more of the Fire of God….Gary C.

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