Rodney Howard Browne – Jennifer W. Testimony

This week at The Great Awakening happening here in Tampa, Florida has been a knock my socks off week. It started on Sunday with the Main Event and Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown teaching on Honor. I can hardly believe all that I am here learning so much just sitting in the service as the presence of God just wraps me up like a blanket. On Monday night I had the great privilege of helping in the call center.

WOW! While on the phone I was able to lead a man back to Jesus as he rededicated his heart and life, a 10 year old boy was baptized in the Holy Spirit and more than one person called in with pain in their body and when we hung up the phone they were shouting that the pain was completely gone! It was on Tuesday when I was able to take the things I am learning here as a first year Bible School student here in the River School of Worship and the teachings from Sunday morning, and teach the river bears ages 3-5 what Honor is!

After the service Pastor Rodney prayed for everyone in the building me included and that blanket feeling I described earlier was once again was very obvious as I laid on the ground. As I was there all I could think about was something I heard in school, the longer you are under the anointing the more you change! This has been my prayer and I can clearly see God answering it! My attitude, my family life, my work ethic, my whole life is changing for the better. Thank you Jesus!  It’s only Thursday and I cannot wait to see what God does next!-Jennifer W.

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