Rodney Howard Browne – Victoria D. Testimony

On Sunday night God did a major work in my heart. It’s amazing how sometimes we think we’ve dealt with things in our lives when really we’ve just suppressed them. As I sat there in the evening service I just began to yield to the Holy Spirit, and I didn’t exactly realize what was happening, but things He wanted to work on in my life began to draw to the surface. I felt what was like electricity on me. Pastor Rodney gave an altar call for those whose wells had been blocked up, which is exactly what I knew had happened to me.

As hands were laid on me the power of God came on me very strongly and it felt like the Lord was just pulling stuff out of me. It’s impossible to put into words how incredible the Presence of God is! I know that was a major breakthrough because I felt different when I went home. I’m beginning to see how yielding to the Holy Spirit is really a matter of trusting Him, and then He can do the work He wants to do. He is so good – I am so thankful for His precious, wonderful Presence! -Victoria D

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