Rodney Howard Browne – Maria C. Testimony

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I was soul winning with the script and I was having trouble seeing the script without my glasses. But I just kept winning souls anyway. After leading a few women to the Lord I began to walk away went out take my glasses off but I didn’t have them on. I could now read clearly without my glasses.


We have had an awesome time the last two days soul winning the last two days. God healed the woman’s feet at the bus stop. Prayed with a woman who had been sexually abused and she forgave the attacker and got saved. Another man forgave himself after taking someone’s life and so many more! We were so lucky to have the team leaders that we had were able to learn how to jump on buses and witness to people.


Today we were at Petegon City Mall I met a gentleman who was a make artist .Who was a homosexual. After I prayed the salvation prayer with him, I told him again that God has a plan for his life. He began to weep .The Lord then told me to tell the man that he didn’t see him as a failure. The man began to cry and he received a healing touch from God.

Rodney Howard Browne – Anita B. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.


Today I went to East Mesa Christian Assisted Living Center.  When we arrived, most of the residents were in the lunchroom.  We prayed with several to receive Jesus.  Then the staff said we couldn’t pray in the lunchroom, so we knocked on their doors and found a few fish and “caught them.”  We had a divine appointment with a Catholic lady on oxygen who opened her door and said in response to our question, “Yes, I am going to Heaven because ALL people as they are born are God’s children and will go to Heaven.”  She didn’t want me to pray but I contended for her soul.  I said, “Jesus loves Catholics.  Your Catholic Bible says…” and I repeated Romans 10:9-10.  I prayed with her a prayer of blessing and the sinner’s prayer.  As we finished, the medic van driver came to her door to take her to the hospital.  Hallelujah!


We stopped at Wendy’s restaurant.  I shared the script with a worker.  The young man said his dad told him all babies are born devils.  I said all babies are gifts from God.  I told him that an honest prayer would be, “Jesus, if you are the way, truth, and life, and the only way to Heaven, reveal yourself to me.”  We had a bite to eat.  As we were leaving, he thanked me. Hallelujah!  I know the Holy Spirit is working in his heart.


I went up to a man and started sharing the script, and he said, “Praise God! I know I would go to Heaven,” and he mentioned he was a pastor.  He didn’t say he was born again, so of course, I continued with the script, and he received Jesus!  In total, I prayed with 15 on the streets today.