Ministers Conference 2010 – Nicole M. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

This past week at Minister’s Conference was such an amazing time for me. It was my first time being able to be in both of the meetings each day and really being able to tap into the anointing even when I was working in my area of helps. This past week, I came to realize and truly appreciate being involved and committed to The River Church. I realized that I am under an incredible covering and that I get to sit under the teachings of a great and thoroughly anointed man and woman of God. Not only do I get to sow into Pastor Rodney’s ministry with my tithe and by offering my time to forward his vision, but I get to receive from all of the amazing and anointed ministers that he brings to The River Church.


I also learned a lot in my ministry of helps this past week and all that goes into the productions of Revival Ministries International. I was given the opportunity of running two of the cameras and even through serving in that area, I was still able to feel and sense the anointing and presence of God that fell in each meeting. One night in particular that I was on camera, I ended up getting drunk in the Holy Ghost because the power and presence of God was so strong. Even while serving, you have the opportunity to tap into the anointing and get everything out of the service that you can. I am truly blessed to have the privilege of serving and being a part of the Minister’s Conference 2010 and I would encourage ANYONE to attend and hear from awesome, anointed, and powerful men and women of God that attend and impart to us at these meetings!