Rodney Howard Browne – Dennis M. Testimony

This past week at the Great Awakening Broadcast we saw the wonderful works of God with many people having awesome experiences with God the living God. There were people testifying on the internet of how God has touched them and how they caught the passion to go and reach out to people who need to be saved from the current condition in their lives.

And God is faithful! He will come through! He always does! He will and does save and heal and deliver those who call on him! Jesus’ work on the cross did not happen in vain; it was and is a full work he took care of all of our sin! No sin left unforgiven. Nothing left in the dark. He comes and touches and heals everything!  And his power is available to all! And there is nothing he cannot do. No one who is too far gone he cannot save! His hand is not too short! His love never fails! God is good he is not evil he will save!

Rodney talked about how religion will fail you but God will never fail you through Jesus Christ! For Jesus said he is the way and no man shall come to the Father but by Him! And those who are truly his come with complete surrender holding nothing back! For he is worthy! Worthy of all worship, honor, praise worship and adoration forever! Amen!

Rodney also talked about how America needs to come back to God fully, returning to Him as their first love, not just as a secondary supplement to their lives or using him as a crutch just to get by, but as their Savior! The all powerful God who can do anything as Jesus said in Mathew 2:22 that “If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”! He saves, now and always.  –Dennis M.

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